Titans and Dallas Cowboys Preview and Odds

The start to the season for both Tennessee and Dallas has been somewhat frustrating for their fans. Both teams come into this game with a 3-4 record and they also both come here on the back of a bye week, allowing the coaching staff an extra few days to lay down plans for the future. It is fair to say that both teams sit in uncomfortable positions right now, but there is no doubt that they can be fixed. Both are two wins away from taking the divisional lead, and both are more than capable of doing that, such is the talent on their rosters.

The big push that both of these two need will have to come from their quarterbacks. Marcus Mariota of the Tennessee Titans has not been at his best this season, something that has led to some people writing him off which is bizarre. He struggled with an injury early but appears to be fully-fit again now. He has to carry the Titans on his back just like he did last season, and that is the only way they are going to have some success over the next few weeks.

The same can be said about Dallas. Their offence doesn’t seem too far away from really clicking into gear, but the final step needs to be something that initiated by the play of Dak Prescott. He has the tools around him, including running back Ezekiel Elliott, who has plenty of yards but only four touchdowns to his name. The Prescott/Elliott combination is exceptional when they are at their best, this is something the Cowboys will be looking to fix over the coming games.

There is no doubt that this is a huge game for both teams here, and both will be going all out to get the win. The game is likely going to rest on the shoulders of the two quarterbacks and how they perform. Prescott has to do less than Mariota for me because he has the better weapons available to him. Therefore, I am siding with the Dallas Cowboys to get their fourth win of the season in this one and begin their attempt at taking over the divisional lead.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see a low scoring game here, with both quarterbacks struggled to get over the line. Tennessee will try and keep things tight, but the Cowboys look to have enough to get past them on Monday.