High Flying Rockets Can Beat Faltering Timberwolves

The Houston Rockets are flying right now, and have been during the whole of 2018. They have taken control of the Western Conference and even though the Golden State Warriors are playing well at the moment, they are struggling to catch them. Winning the conference and bagging home court advantage would be huge for the Rockets, so don’t expect them to ease off, expect them to push all the way until the end of the season. This matchup is set to be a scorcher and the Bovada NBA bookies have lines in play and pre-game.

The Timberwolves, on the other hand, appear to be struggling a little right now, and that has seen them drop into the playoff race in the West, something they were clear of not too long ago. There are eight teams currently fighting for six playoff places and while I am sure the Timberwolves will get in, they have dropped to a position they shouldn’t have due to some poor play. Another poor week and they could find themselves in further trouble, with their playoff position in increasing doubt.

While I do expect the Timberwolves to eventually fight their way out of the spot they are in right now, I don’t think they will do it this weekend. The Rockets are playing some fantastic basketball at the moment, and it is tough for anyone to stop them, never mind a Timberwolves team struggling for form. While the Rockets will be outsiders to beat the Warriors in the playoffs regardless of home court advantage or not, they will be desperate to bag it to give themselves every possible chance of upsetting the league’s best team in the playoffs.

With this in mind, I am expecting the Rockets to continue their very good recent form and finish the season very strongly. They have every reason to keep going and land top spot, and that is something I think they will do. They face a good Timberwolves team here, but one that has struggled in recent weeks and this is a good time for anyone to face the Timberwolves.

I am going to take the Rockets to win this game on the road by a margin of 5-10 point over the struggling Timberwolves. I expect the Timberwolves will get better eventually, and they will make the playoffs, but this weekend looks to be a tough ask for them and I am going against them when the Rockets come to town on Sunday.