Clipper Host Nuggets in Must Win Game for Both

While the Eastern Conference of the NBA is set, and the eight playoff teams are known, we head into the final games out west and just three teams are assured of a playoff spot right now. That sets up an intriguing finish, and the two teams looking in from the outside right now are the Denver Nuggets and the LA Clippers. Whoever loses this game can count themselves out of the running, there is no way they are coming back, while the winner will still have a chance in what is sure to be a dramatic ending to the season in the west and you can get all of the wagering action you're looking for at Bovada Sports.

Neither team has been in great recent form, but then again the same can be said about the rest of the teams who are trying to cement a playoff spot. Only the Utah Jazz have a better record than 6-4 in their last ten right now, and when you consider that the seven teams involved are all fighting for their lives, it just goes to show how incredibly tough the western conference really is.

Of these two teams, it is the Nuggets who are in the best recent form and they have been on a winning streak recently. Had they played like this over the last few weeks in March then they wouldn’t even be in the reckoning for a playoff spot, they would already have one sewn up, they have really impressed me recently The Clippers, on the other hand, have been struggling for momentum, they seem the play well in one game and look like they have a shot, and then follow that up with a hugely disappointing game. If they are to have any chance of first qualifying for the playoffs and the secondly performing credibly in them, they must find a way to be consistent.

This is a huge game in the west and whoever loses can wave goodbye to their playoff aspirations. The Denver Nuggets have been in the better recent form out of these two, and appear to want it more, despite the odds being stacked against them. The Nuggets are a capable team on their day, and I am backing them to go to LA and pick up what would be a huge win for their playoff chances. I am backing the Nuggets to win this one by 5-10 points over the Clippers.