Warriors Can Continue to Chase Rockets with Win on Sunday

The Golden State Warriors usually come to life around this time in the season and they have done so yet again in 2018. However, they are still chasing down a very impressive Houston Rockets team, who have built up a huge winning streak, and a team who doesn’t look like stopping. On Sunday they travel to Minnesota to take on the Timberwolves, a playoff team right now but one that has struggled a little in recent weeks.

While the Timberwolves are not in trouble right now, further losses could put them in a battle to make the playoffs, with the likes of Denver and Utah hot on their heels. We all know the Timberwolves are more than capable of playing well enough to make the playoffs, and they are sure to pick up over the next few games. However, when the Warriors come to town they may have to wait a little longer because Golden State are playing some great basketball right now.

The Warriors are building a winning streak of their own right now in an attempt to gun down the Rockets, and the tussle between them at the top of the standings is going to be a great watch between now and the end of the season. Golden State have been there and done it all before, this is their time of year, and because of that they are favourites to finish top, but don’t discount the Rockets just yet.

As for this game, the struggling Timberwolves are going to have to wait a little longer to get their season back on track. The Warriors are formidable opposition right now, and they can go into Minnesota and dominate this game. I have the Warriors winning Sunday afternoon’s game by 10 to 15 points, such is the level of their play right now. The Timberwolves are certainly not a bad team, but until they improve their form and get back on track, I am more than happy to take them on.

Steph Curry has the Warriors rolling, they can see their number one seed under threat from the Rockets and they are fighting to win it back. That is something I fully expect them to do, before going on and lifting another NBA Championship, on their day there is not a team in the NBA that can touch the Warrior.