Warriors Host Spurs in Saturday’s Western Conference Clash

The feature game in the NBA on Saturday night is an all-Western Conference matchup between the Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs. There is no doubting that the Warriors are the best team in the west, and even in the entire NBA right now, but the crown of being the second-best team in the west behind them is something that is still up for grabs.

The Spurs are one team trying to win that crown, although with injuries to Rudy Gay and Kawhi Leonard they have struggled for consistency. Having said that, they still hold third in the west, which considering they are without two exceptionally good players is some achievement. The Houston Rockets currently hold second in the west, they too are a good team, but they have also taken advantage of the injury situation the Spurs have, should San Antonio get a full squad back, there is little between them.

While the teams in behind are fighting over second place, the Golden State Warriors are quietly going about their business as the number one team in the NBA right now. The Warriors have been outstanding once more, and with Cleveland struggling in the east, is there anyone out there right now that looks capable of stopping Steph Curry and his team? There doesn’t appear to be any genuine threat as we stand right now.

We are inching closer towards the playoffs, and this is the time when the Warriors usually turn the screw even further on their opponents. With such a big game this weekend against someone trying to challenge them, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the Warriors turn it up and send out a message against the Spurs this weekend. If it isn’t this weekend, it will be soon, and when it happens the whole league will know about it.

I have to back the Warriors to win this one, they are by far and away the best team in the NBA right now, with no one looking likely to challenge them in the near future. The Spurs are a good team, but injuries are stopping them from progressing any further right now and because of that, I am more than happy to take the Warriors here, with a winning margin of around 10 points. This is going to be an extremely tough night for San Antonio it seems.