Falcons Can Hold onto Wildcard Spot with Victory over Bucs

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may be out of the playoff running this season, but there will be a huge number of fans and players cheering them on against the Atlanta Falcons on Monday night. The Falcons currently hold onto the final wildcard spot in the NFC and they know a win will keep that spot as theirs for the time being. However, a win for the Bucs would open the door for a number of clubs who are currently chasing down the Falcons, so expect to see fans from all over the world cheering on the Bucs in the hope they can pull off an upset. These two teams met just three weeks ago and it was the Falcons who came out on top, winning the game 34-20 at home. Julio Jones had an unbelievable night for the Falcons, scoring two touchdowns and recording a massive 253 yards on his 12 receptions. If he replicates that impressive night then there is only one winner of this game and that is the Falcons. Since that game, the Falcons have lost against the Minnesota Vikings and won an important game against the New Orleans Saints. For now, they are in the driving seat when it comes to the final wildcard spot in the NFC, but there is a huge queue of clubs behind them all looking to take advantage of any slip-ups they have over the remaining few games. The Bucs have to go back four games to find their last victory, although they have been competitive and kept games close in recent weeks. They have little to play for other than pride, but that shouldn’t stop them from making this a competitive game, although the odds are stacked against them over at Bovada. The Atlanta Falcons are by far the better team in this matchup and with the incentive of a playoff spot to play for, they are sure to be fired up far more than the Bucs when the players arrive on the pitch. While the Bucs are in a tricky situation, the Falcons have everything to play for and they want to make another Super Bowl appearance after this disappointment of last season. Expect to see the Falcons win this game and they could easily win the game comfortably if they manage to get an early grip on things. Look out for Julio Jones having another huge game, the Bucs must keep a closer eye on him in this one.