Steelers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Preview

When the Buccaneers found out they would be without Jameis Winston for the early part of the NFL season, many wondered how they would cope and if they would fall behind in the standings. However, after two games with Ryan Fitzpatrick he has left Tampa Bay fans asking Jameis who?

Over 800 throwing yards, eight touchdown passes and one rushing touchdown of his own, Fitzpatrick is proving his worth to the Bucks in the absence of Winston. He has played a huge part in their early success, and will be looking to lead his team to a third straight victory on Monday night with all odds available at BetOwi. This has been an incredible start from them, and one that is in complete contrast to what we have seen from the Pittsburgh Steelers so far this season.

For much of the summer, the talk was about Le’Veon Bell and whether he would play for the Steelers or not this season. The cloud caused by Bell has certainly hung over this team and they come into week three without a win so far, after a tie with the Cleveland Browns on opening day and a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs last weekend.

Just when they didn’t want it, the Steelers now appear to have a problem with their number one receiver, Antonio Brown. This could potentially leave them without their number one running back and number one receiver going into this game on Monday night, something that would seriously deplete them. There is a chance that Brown plays, but the likelihood right now is that he is suspended by the club, and there is no chance that Le’Veon Bell is coming back anytime soon by the looks of it.

With so much drama going off around them, especially when it concerns their most valuable players, it is no surprise to see the Steelers without a win. There is a chance that this could blow up even further before Monday, leaving the only option for this game is to back the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It has been an impressive start for the Bucs without Jameis Winston, and even if the Steelers hadn’t had this drama I would still be interested in the Bucs at home. However, they are a stronger bet with everything that is going off, and it would be no surprise to see them go 3-0 by landing the win on Monday night against this troubled team.