Experience Will Get The Patriots Across the Line in the Super Bowl

We are finally at the Super Bowl and this Sunday the New England Patriots will be looking to win back to back NFL Championships when they take on the Philadelphia Eagles. This looks sure to be a great game, with two free-scoring offences, and two defences that are more than capable of making big plays. There doesn't appear to be much between these two teams apart from one thing, and that is big game experience, which is hugely in favour of the New England Patriots.

The Patriots are favourites and will be chosen by many pundits not because they are the best team out of these two, but because they have been there and done it many times before. The organisation knows how to win Championships, and that is passed on to every single player who steps foot in their locker room. Led by Tom Brady, the Patriots know what they have to do on Sunday night, and their room will be full of belief they can get the job done when they go out onto the field.

The Philadelphia Eagles will feel like their pressure is off them a little, although they are still going to feel the big game nerves. They lost their quarterback during the regular season, they have been the underdog in both playoff games so far, but at the end of the day, they have won and been hugely impressive.

The test for the Eagles will all be mental, do they really believe in their heads that they can go to the Super Bowl and beat Tom Brady and the Patriots? If they don't believe they can, then this is not going to be a good night for them.

If this was a standard game then the Eagles would be fancied more than they currently are. However, this is the game where experience counts and that is what is going to tip this game the way of the New England Patriots. I expect it to be close, but ultimately, the Patriots are going to get across the line thanks to their big game experience, and their ability to win as a franchise.

Enjoy the final game of the year, this should be a great one, but the tip here is that the New England Patriots will be crowned Super Bowl Champions on Sunday night.