Cavs Visit Boston on Sunday for Huge Eastern Matchup

One of the biggest NBA talking points has been the form we have seen from the Cleveland Cavaliers this season. They have struggled and not looked right throughout the season, which sets alarm bells ringing as far as the future of LeBron James goes. This weekend on Sunday they have a huge game against the current leaders of the east, and the team hoping to take their number one spot in the east, the Boston Celtics.

The Celtics have put together a very good young team, one that will only get better with age and in time will challenge the Cavs to be the best in the east. However, the surprise this season, due to the demise of the Cavs, has been how quickly Boston have grown into challengers. Many were expecting this challenge to come in a year or two, but it is here right now, the Boston Celtics could overtake the Cavs this season and be the biggest and best team in the east.

If these two were to meet in the Eastern Conference Championship game then I would happily put my money on the Celtics to beat the Cavs, and this game at the weekend is no different. I am more than happy to side with the Celtics here. They have shown they have the ability despite being such a young team. This is an important game for both though, and the Cavs will want to show the Celtics that they are still in the game, and are still the best the east has to offer.

The background story between these two is going to make this a fantastic game, and one that will almost seem like a playoff game, I'm expecting a very fast pace and competitive edge to be shown by both teams. We all know that Cleveland traditionally get going around this time every year, but this year has been different, and a lot of fans are worried. Should the Celtics win this game, which I think they will, then that will send out a huge message to the east that they are indeed the team to be worried about, and they are about to take the top spot.

This should be a cracker, expect to see near playoff intensity in the game, but I have to side with the Celtics to beat the Cavs, by around six points.