Rockets can Keep Pressure on Faltering Cavs

One of the biggest storylines in the NBA right now is how the Cleveland Cavaliers are performing on the court. For whatever reason, the Cavs are struggling, and they have a lot of problems off the court to deal with too, this is not a good time for them. In contrast to that, their opponents for the big game on Saturday night are the Houston Rockets, everything is going right for them and thanks to some good recent form, they are now 2nd in the West.

By the standards set by most other franchises, the Cleveland Cavaliers are having an ok season, but they are not most other franchises. They have LeBron James on their team, and that ultimately propels them up to being a contender straight away. The team around LeBron has talent, but so far we haven’t seen too much of that, especially in recent weeks.

The Cavs are on a poor run of form, and they need to get out of it as quickly as possible. Don’t be surprised if they make a move before the deadline in an attempt to freshen things up on the court, they need to do all they can to challenge, and keep LeBron happy.

The situation for the Rockets right now couldn’t be any further away from what is happening in Cleveland. The Rockets are having a great season, and they look to be the main threat to the all-conquering Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference. They hold 2nd right now thanks to a good run of form and a dip in form from the San Antonio Spurs, and that will be their aim to finish this season, before a run at the playoffs.

With both teams going into this game in the form they are currently in, I have to side with the Houston Rockets to win this game. They are a very tidy team, and with the Cavs faltering, they can pick up the pieces and win in Ohio this weekend.

Watch for the Cavs making some moves before February 8 if their streak continues, they need to find a way to keep LeBron happy on the team, and that can be achieved by making themselves a better franchise.

The Cavs are struggling, the Rockets are flying high, I’ve got the Rockets down to win this one by around five points on Saturday.