The Weekend that NFL Saw Defense Die

We’re at the halfway mark of the NFL 2015 season and week 8 was officially the week that NFL defence died a painful death, at least if you’re a Saints or Giants fan. When the two teams took to the field there was no-one, no-one, who expected what happened to happen, with the following numbers explaining it all....101 points were scored, there was a total 1030 yards and a total of 13 TD’s were scored, and for the neutral fan it was an incredible game to watch. The New Orleans Saints won 49-52 with a field goal in a game that was dominated by the offensive lineups.

While that game was ridiculously entertaining there was another aspect of Sundays games that stood out and that was the amount of serious injuries. Ricardo Lockette suffered concussion and will be out for a few weeks while Khiry Robinson was carried off with a serious leg injury and Le’Veon Bell twisted his knee and could miss the rest of the season. Steve Smith tore his achilles tendon and will be out for the remainder of the season and Matt Forte of the Chicago Bears suffered what looks like a cruciate ligament injury during their loss to the Minnesota Vikings....and those are just a few of the players who left the field in bad shape.

It was indeed an action packed Sunday of football which started with the Chiefs beating the Detroit Lions over in London by 45 to 10 and then the Arizona Cardinals continued their impressive form with a good win over the Browns. The Rams beat the 49’ers and Big Ben couldn’t work the magic for the Steelers as they went down 10-16 to the Bengals. The Seahawks just about managed to beat the wobbling Dallas Cowboys and the Broncos rounded off the days action with a 19 point win over the Packers.

We can only hope that week 9 is as interesting, and that there’s a few less injuries and it all starts when the Browns visit the Bengals in the Thursday night game and the bookies over at Bovada Sports have the Bengals as huge favorites with a -10.5 spread.