Could These NFL 2016-2017 Predictions Be Correct?

The NFL season is flying by and most teams have had their ups and downs however as we head to the tail end of the regular season we thought it was time to make a few predictions, and whether we're right or wrong only time (and not much of it) will tell!

The Miami Dolphins to Make the Playoffs

The Miami Dolphins are one of the hottest teams in the NFL right now, with Adam Gase looking like a man who means business. Tannehill is limiting his turnovers and the Dolphins are handing the ball well off to Jay Ajayi. There's still plenty that can happen in the final four weeks of the season, but one of our predictions is that the folks from South Beach are will bag enough wins to reach the play-offs, with their remaining games being against the Cardinals, Jets, Bills and Patriots.

The Steelers to Make it to Postseason

Pittsburgh are still one of the better teams in the NFL and when you have a fired up running back and a stud receiver, and while both are clicking, things generally look good. The Steelers started with 5-5, but with plenty of signs of life this team has, over the weeks just got better. Our bold prediction is that Pittsburgh wins their final four games of the season, taking control of the AFC North, and to do that they need to beat the Bills, Bengals, Ravens and Browns.

Denver Broncos to Fall Short and Not Make the Grade

With our prediction of the Miami Dolphins making the playoffs, there has to be a wild card team that loses out, and quite simply the Denver Broncos do not score enough points to make the grade. While they may not have such a bad option at quarterback, their option is not good enough to win the bigger games down the run in.

Winning Streak For Seattle Seahawks

This prediction is a bold one indeed simply because the Seahawks are trailing the Dallas Cowboys by quite some margin, however we believe that the Seahawks are not only going to get that top seed, but that they'll go on into the postseason on a massive winning streak. Seattle plays the Packers, Rams, Cardinals and 49ers to end the season and there's s not a team on that list that will scare them. Should Seattle win the top seed in the NFC, they'll be very tough to beat in the postseason.

The 49ers to End Season on Low Notes and Then Some

This team has to be grateful for the poor form of the Los Angeles Rams and the Cleveland Browns. The Rams were the team San Francisco mauled at start the season, and the Browns are going to be worse than them this season. The 49ers wrap up against the Jets, Falcons, Rams and Seahawks and our final bold prediction is that they'll not win one of those games, ending on a terrible losing streak.