Steelers can Advertise Super Bowl Claims by Beating Lions

The Pittsburgh Steelers are tied with many other teams at the moment, with a 5-2 record that is second only to the Philadelphia Eagles who are on 6-1. It has been a good start for them, but one that could have been a whole lot better had they not played poorly against some bad opponents.

It's not too far-fetched to think the Steelers could be sitting with a 7-0 record right now. The two games they have lost have been against far lower opposition and their three games against lower opposition have seen them bring out their three worst performances. On the opening day they scraped past the Cleveland Browns 21-18, week three saw them lose 23-17 in Chicago and week five brought a home loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Had they performed to their normal standard in those games, then all three would have resulted in comfortable wins, leaving them 7-0 and looking good for a Super Bowl push.

Super Bowl - Bet Now! The positives for the Steelers so far have been their top performances against some of the league's best. They ended the unbeaten run of the Kansas City Chiefs in week 6 and have recorded comfortable wins over the Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals. When the big games have arrived, the Steelers have stood up and played, which is the right mentality for the playoffs.

They play the Detroit Lions this weekend and this is going to be a tough game for them, but one I expect them to win and you can bet the game at Bovada both pre kick off and in-play. The Lions are 3-3 this season, although they head into this one with a question mark over their top receiver Golden Tate, who will either miss the game or likely play limited snaps due to an injury.

Offensively the Steelers are well ahead of what the Lions can offer, even more so if Tate is ruled out altogether. Antonio Brown has posted over 750 yards in his opening seven games in the air, while Le'Veon Bell has added nearly 700 on the floor, plus over 200 more in the air.

When the Steelers come together and play they are a formidable force, and if that is what they do this weekend then the Detroit Lions will simply not have an answer. I am expecting to see another great offensive showing from the Steelers, with their two stars Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell leading them to a sixth victory of the season.