Seahawks Can Take Care of Misfiring Falcons

The Seattle Seahawks host the Atlanta Falcons on Monday night in a game that is crucial to both of their playoff chances. The Seahawks are currently 6-3, and second in the NFC West while the Falcons are 5-4 and third in the NFC South. Both teams have aspirations of the playoffs, and both can still make it but they need to find a way of stringing some wins together to help their positioning.

The Seahawks stumbled at the start of the season but since their bye week they have won three out of their last four games and look to be playing much better. The one small question mark against them is that they haven’t really played anyone of genuine quality since their bye week, and this game against the Falcons is certainly their toughest test since coming back.

Russell Wilson has been in fantastic form so far this season, throwing for over 2500 yards and recording 19 touchdowns. On top of that, he has been his very active self with the ball in his hands, running for nearly 300 yards to be the top rusher for the Seahawks and scoring a touchdown. If anyone can take them to the playoffs it is Wilson, and he is sure to be fun to watch over the coming weeks.

It could be said that the Atlanta Falcons haven’t really recovered from their Super Bowl disappointment last season and they have had a cloud hanging over them. For whatever reason, the Super Bowl fail or something else, their top players have failed to fire this season. Julio Jones has just one touchdown, and quarterback Matt Ryan has only thrown for 13 in total. With such an electrifying offence like the one that we saw last season, the Falcons can do much better, we just have to wait and see if they have the right mental attributes to get the job done.

Until we see more from the Atlanta Falcons, I am more than happy to be against them in their upcoming games. The Seattle Seahawks are a good team and one that can frustrate the Falcons, before eventually beating them on Monday night. Both teams are looking for the playoffs, but right now it is the Seahawks that look to be in the best position to make them, and they are the team to be on in this potentially very good game.