Brady to Defeat Ryan in Super Bowl Rematch

The game that most of us have been looking forward to for weeks, a rematch of the Super Bowl from last season when the New England Patriots host the Atlanta Falcons. After the drama we saw at the Super Bowl last season, who knows what is going to happen here, and it is certainly a game to watch for the full 60 minutes, and you can bet both in pay and before kick off at Bovada.

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Depending on your stance, either the Atlanta Falcons blew a huge lead in last season's finale, or the New England Patriots completed one of the greatest comebacks of all time. Whichever way you look at it, one thing we will all agree on is that it was a great game for the sport, and one we will remember for a while.

Quite fittingly, going into this game both teams performed similarly to their Super Bowl game last season. The Patriots come into this one having come back against the New York Jets last weekend, while the Atlanta Falcons threw away a lead against the Miami Dolphins.

At 14-0 down against the New York Jets, the New England Patriots looked in a lot of trouble, struggling to put together any offence. Although when things finally clicked, we saw an impressive performance and they eventually won the game 24-17. It was the Brady and Gronkowski show, with the big tight end catching two touchdowns and posting 83 catching yards.

At the same time, the Atlanta Falcons rushed into a 17-0 half time lead over the Miami Dolphins, with everything going well for them. However, a Super Bowl-esque meltdown in the second half saw them eventually lose the game 20-17. On the eve of their rematch with the Patriots, I am sure the memories of the Super Bowl all came flooding back for them.

This game is going to really test the character of the Atlanta Falcons, and it will be interesting to see how they react to what is certainly going to be a tough atmosphere for them. With last week's disappointing finish also adding more pressure to them, we will see what they are made of this week, and if they are over their disappointment.

It hasn't been fluid from the Atlanta Falcons this season, and with such a tough game coming up, I think we are going to see them lose another game. Tom Brady and the Patriots can win this one, piling further misery on the Falcons.